May 25, 2008

Going loopy

"Smolin? Oh, is he that young guy with those crazy ideas? He may not be wrong!"- Murray Gell-Mann

I haven't posted much the last couple of days. I got sidetracked by a paper on loop quantum gravity by Lee Smolin (author of "Three Roads to Quantum Gravity").

Smolin's "An invitation to loop quantum gravity" is available in pdf at From the abstract:-
We describe the basic assumptions and key results of loop quantum gravity, which is a background independent approach to quantum gravity. The emphasis is on the basic physical principles and how one deduces predictions from them, at a level suitable for physicists in other areas such as string theory, cosmology, particle physics, astrophysics and condensed matter physics. No details are given, but references are provided to guide the interested reader to the literature.
Smolin is also the originator of the fecund universes theory. And he has an admirable view of quantum mechanics:-
I am convinced that quantum mechanics is not a final theory. I believe this because I have never encountered an interpretation of the present formulation of quantum mechanics that makes sense to me. I have studied most of them in depth and thought hard about them, and in the end I still can't make real sense of quantum theory as it stands.
More on Lee Smolin's thinking from The Third Culture via Edge.