May 25, 2005

Planet Monbiot

Via the Daily Ablution. George Monbiot channeling the spirit of environmentalism in yesterday's Guardian:
Everything we thought was good turns out also to be bad. It is an act of kindness to travel to your cousin's wedding. Now it is also an act of cruelty. It is a good thing to light the streets at night. Climate change tells us it kills more people than it saves. We are killing people by the most innocent means: turning on the lights, taking a bath, driving to work, going on holiday. Climate change demands a reversal of our moral compass, for which we are plainly unprepared.
Thankfully, the ancient sages, long ago, addressed such questions. As Lao Tzu might have said:
Give up washing,
Renounce illumination,
And it will be 10,000 times better for everyone.

Give up holidays,
Renounce mobility,
And people will rediscover global harmony and love.
Or something.