June 25, 2011

Down in Dingle

Lisa Hannigan at Dick Mack's pub.

Saturday roundabout

James Lileks takes a look at representations of 1950s suburbia.

Neo-neocon revisits some of John Updike's non-fiction.

Language Log: writing "going to" for "gonna".

Lee Goldberg at the WSJ pays tribute to Peter Falk's Columbo.

And finally,

Lionel likes it! Poliwood reviews "Bridesmaids".

June 10, 2011

Poetry corner

I've only just come across this, so excuse me if it's old hat, but Taylor Mali has his own YouTube channel.

You'll find more than just Taylor Mali there, including: Sarah Kay, Rives and Marty McConnell.

Check it out! And while you're there, you might help Taylor Mali in his quest for a thousand teachers.

June 07, 2011

Right Wing Radio Duck

Boy, am I behind the times! I only just came across this inspired Disney/Glenn Beck mashup. [h/t The Wardman Wire]

Tuesday roundabout

Talking Turkey: Michael Totten interviews City Journal's Claire Berlinski.

Bad Astronomy features stunning time lapse images of the Milky Way.

Baroque in Hackney has a link-filled tribute to Gil Scott-Heron.

Impatience and Wisdom: Cobb just turned 50.

And finally,

Sciencepunk has a recipe for desserts that look like bacterial cultures.