April 10, 2008


Via Normblog: This from Gabor Steingart at Spiegel Online on the prospect of Condoleezza Rice joining the McCain ticket as his prospective VP, and beyond:-

Let's imagine that the first female president of the United States is elected in the near future, but that her name is not Hillary Clinton. And then let us imagine that the first black president moves into the White House in the foreseeable future, and that this person's name is not Barack Obama.

The answer to the riddle is, of course, Condoleezza Rice.
Problem is, for some people, Rice isn't black and she isn't a woman. These people aren't blind or suffering some kind of gender confusion, they just don't think Condoleezza Rice "represents" black women. And, by the tangled logic of bigoted sectarianism, because she does not "represent" black women, she cannot legitimately claim to be one.

What does "represent" mean in the sense it's used here? Only the self-appointed arbiters of authentic identity know the answer to that one.