April 16, 2008

Revolutionary question

Tricky question at Poligazette, this morning:-

What did all the officers in America’s Revolutionary Army have in common (according to some at least)?

Hint: think George Washington, Benjamin Franklin.
My guess was they were all Presbyterians. Of course, that doesn't fit with Washington and Franklin (the former was likely a deist, the latter certainly was) but most of the Army's officers were Presbyterians and it was the only thing I could come up with that stood a chance of being even half right.

Turns out, the answer they were looking for was masons. That's right, according to some people, all the officers in the Revolutionary Army were masons.

I don't know about that. But I do know most of them were Presbyterians:-

“When Cornwallis was driven back to ultimate retreat and surrender at Yorktown, all of the colonels of the Colonial Army but one were Presbyterian elders. More than one-half of all the soldiers and officers of the American Army during the Revolution were Presbyterians.”
It's like James I said:

“Presbytery agreeth with monarchy like God with the Devil."