April 21, 2008

Decent responses

There are responses to the recent opinion piece by David Edgar on defectors from the left at Harry's Place and Normblog, while Andrew Anthony lays into Edgar at Comment is Free:-
Conveniently early in his essay on "defection literature", David Edgar gives the game away:

"Just as past generations sought to reposition the fault-lines of 20th-century politics (notably, by bracketing communism with fascism as totalitarianism) so, now, influential writers seek to redraw the political map of our time."

Do we get the idea that describing the Soviet model, with its vast network of gulags and millions of state murders and total party control, as "totalitarian" was a historical error? Certainly, that's the suggestion left hanging like a two-pig-owning kulak.
It's worth reading it all.

Oliver Kamm also responds to Edgar.