April 18, 2008

Unrighteous indignation

I used to do a lot of work in the inner city - community development, capacity building, that sort of thing. It was worthwhile, though not at all well paid, and I got to meet a lot of interesting people.

Yesterday, one of the guys I used to know back then got out of a taxi across the street from me. I wasn't going to acknowledge him but he saw me first.

Yes G! Long time.
Yeah, it has been. How you doing, Kay?
Good, man. Things are running good for me right now.
You been away?
Well, me had a little trouble but everything smooth now.
Yeah? You don't look too happy.
I'm mad, man.
Yeah? Why?
Having to deal with all this ignorance. You see that taxi man there? I get into the back of his car and the first thing he says to me is "You look like a drug dealer." Tsch! Just 'cause I dress good. People like him see a black man with money and all they can think is he got it dealing drugs.
But Kay, you do deal drugs.
True, true. But he didn't know that, now did he?